Student Information



Attendance: State law (RCW. 28A 225) requires students to attend school daily, unless excused for sickness, medical appointments or other family emergencies. If a student is absent, you must either call the office before 9:30 a.m. or send a note when your child returns to school to excuse the absence.  Attendance line: 619-1502


     All absences that are not excused within two (2) days of the student’s return to school will not be excused (unless approved by principal). When a student is absent from school for three (3) or more consecutive days due to illness or health conditions, a note from your doctor or health care provider must be provided to the school or the absences may be classified as unexcused. Five (5) unexcused absences will result in a meeting with the principal and counselor to enter into an attendance agreement. 


 Prearranged Absences:    All absences longer than one day must be excused in advance with the principal, by filling out a Long-term/Prearranged Absence form available at the front office.  Missing classroom instruction and experiences adversely affects concept development. School work will not be provided prior to the arranged absence. Upon return, students will be provided any missed papers and assignments. The completion of these assignments is not comparable to classroom learning. Understanding of missed concepts is the responsibility of the student and parent. For extended absences, students may receive an incomplete, to include Music, PE, and Art. 


Student Transportation:  Parents must inform the school in writing as to what their plan is for transportation home on a normal day.  If there are any last-minute changes please call the office prior to 2:00pm.  Students must have written permission from a parent or guardian to stay after school or ride home with someone else. Students are not allowed to use the school phone to make afterschool social plans; such plans need to be made at home and a permission note sent to school with the child.


 Student Health and Safety: For the health and safety of all students, we ask that you do not send your child to school if:  (a) he/she has a fever, severe cough, earache or sore throat, (b) he/she has a known communicable disease such as chicken pox, impetigo, strep throat, etc., until they receive a doctor’s clearance to return, (c) he/she has head lice or nits.  Students with head lice must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and examined in the health room prior to returning to class.


Medications: Students may not bring medications to school, including over the counter drugs. If a student must receive medication during the school day, an Authorization for Administration of Medication at School form must be completed by the parent/guardian and a physician. This form is available at the office. Medication must be delivered to the school by an adult in its original labeled container.


 Immunizations:  State law requires that each student in school have a completed Certificate of Immunization Status form on file before attending school.  Please contact the school or your child’s physician for a list of required immunizations.


Meals:  Students may purchase breakfast or lunch at school.  Payment for the meal is deducted from the student’s meal account.  Parents must keep a balance in their child’s account at all times.  Notices are sent home to inform parents when their child’s account is getting low.  Checks may be turned in to the teacher or the office. If you must send cash, please send it in an envelope clearly labeled with your child’s name, teacher’s name, amount enclosed and its purpose.  Free/reduced meal forms are also available in the office anytime during the school year.


South Ridge students are taught skills that they can use throughout their entire life.  These skills focus on the social and emotional learning together with academic skills and knowledge.  The following lifeskills are emphasized throughout the entire curriculum:


·         Integrity: To act according to right or wrong

·         Initiative: To do something because it needs to be done

·         Flexibility: The ability to change plans when necessary

·         Perseverance: To not give up

·         Organization: To work in an orderly way

·         Sense of Humor: To laugh and be playful without hurting others

·         Effort: To do your best

·         Common Sense: To think it through

·         Problem Solving: To seek solutions

·         Responsibility: To do what’s right

·         Patience: To wait calmly

·         Friendship: To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring

·         Curiosity: To investigate and seek understanding

·         Cooperation: To work together for a common goal

·         Caring: To show and feel concern



Student Expectations & Safety

Students are expected to behave in a safe and orderly manner.  They are also expected to follow all reasonable requests

by staff and the rules provided by state law and school policy.  These include:


Classroom Rules

·         Established by each teacher, these rules reflect the high standards for behavior we have for all South Ridge students.

·         Classroom rules are posted and distributed for all students to know and understand.


Playground Rules

·         Use all equipment safely.

·         Share space and equipment with others.

·         Play safely and treat others fairly and respectfully.

·         No tackling, wrestling, fighting or other dangerous play.

·         Remain out of hallways and classrooms unless supervised by an adult or with a hall pass.

·         Return immediately to classrooms when the bell rings.

·         Treat the Playground Aides with respect.


 Dress Code

·         Wear appropriate clothing at all times.

·         No clothing with inappropriate or questionable logos or messages.

·         Shoulder straps must be at least 2” wide, no midriffs or backs showing.

·         Shorts and skirts must extend beyond the fingertips when arms are held to student’s side

·         No hats, visors or inappropriate headgear to be worn in the building.

·         No sunglasses (unless medically required)

·         Items such as make-up, glitter, tattoos, or body stickers are discouraged.  Should they become distracting to the learning process, the items must be removed and/or confiscated.

·         No colored hair gel.

·         Shoes must be worn at all times.  Gym shoes must be worn on PE days.  No flip-flops at any time.


 School Wide Expectations

·         Students are to work and play safely and treat others with respect

·         Keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves

·         Swearing, including use of profane or defiant gestures, will not be tolerated


Items Not Allowed at School: Gum, toys, games, trading cards, etc. are not permitted at school. Electronic devices such as, iPods, cd players, cameras, etc. are not allowed at school. Students are allowed to have cell phones in their backpacks for before and after school emergencies. Cell phones are not to be on or used during school hours. Cell phones being used during school hours will be confiscated and held in the principal’s office until a parent picks it up. Loss or theft of electronic devices or cell phones will not be investigated by school personnel.


 Network/Internet Policy: The district network and internet is to be used for educational purposes only. Students must have a Student Access to Network Information Resources form signed by parent prior to using the internet.


 Parent Information       

Your involvement as parents or guardians is vital to the success of your child.  There are many ways to be involved in your child’s education and volunteering at school is one.  If you are interested, stop by our office for a volunteer application and to be fingerprinted.  This process is required prior to serving as a volunteer. 


Some ways to be involved:

Chaperone field trips, Publishing Center volunteer, room parent, assist with special events and health screenings.  There are also several district-wide committees that parents are welcome to serve on.  Please call or stop by our office for more information.

   Another way to be involved is participating in PTA activities.  South Ridge has an active PTA that works on many wonderful projects and services for our school.  PTA information is available in the lobby.

   The most important aspect of parent involvement is knowing what your child is doing at school. You may call anytime for an appointment with your child’s teacher.  You may also email our staff with any questions or concerns you may have.


RCW 28A.635.010 – Any person who shall insult or abuse a teacher anywhere on the school premises while such teacher is carrying out his or her official duties, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, the penalty for which shall be a fine of not less than ten dollars nor more than one hundred dollars.


 The school year is organized into three trimesters and report cards are sent home with students at the end of each 12-week period.  Parent/teacher conferences are held annually during first trimester. Parents/guardians are expected to attend their child’s conference.  Our teachers are willing to work around your schedule to assure that you are able to attend. Spring conferences are available by appointment only.  You may call anytime during the school year to schedule an appointment with your child’s teacher.


When problems or situations occur at school that requires your immediate attention, our staff will contact you.  Please inform the office whenever there are changes in emergency information, including cell phone and work numbers.


School Hours

Doors Open: 8:45

Tardy Bell: 9:05

School Dismisses: 3:35


Students who ride bicycles or are brought to school by parents should arrive NO EARLIER than 8:45.  Upon arrival at school, students report to their classrooms.  If a student is having breakfast, they need to pick up their breakfast in the cafeteria and proceed directly to their classroom.  If a student is late for school, they must sign in at the office where they will be given a tardy slip before going to class.  Students must be transported from school by 3:45.  No supervision of students is provided after that time.

School Closures

Late Starts-Early Closure

If the need arises for the school to be closed, start late, or end early due to inclement weather or other emergency, the word will be put out over the local radio and TV stations. Information regarding all day closures and/or late starts will be broadcast beginning at approximately 6:00 a.m. Up to the minute information is posted on-line at www.FlashAlert.Net.


School Visitors

All visitors are required to report to the office and sign in before going anywhere in the building. Visitors/Volunteers are required to wear a visitor or volunteer badge. Upon departure, please note the time on the visitor log. We ask your cooperation in this matter, as it is for the protection and safety of the children. Non-student children, unaccompanied by an adult, are not permitted to visit classes without prior arrangements. Parents and community members are invited to visit the school. Please make prior arrangements with the principal or teacher.


We take special care to insure the safety of our students. Students are instructed to report all strangers around the school to their teacher or the playground aides at once. We practice emergency drills on a regular bases, including fire drills, lock-down drills and earthquake drills.

Definitions of Offenses

1.   Arson - The intentional setting of fire.


2.   Assault (physical) - A student shall not physically attack another person causing or threatening physical injury.


3b. Weapons  - Refer to definition 4b.-h.


4a. Handgun/Rifle - A student shall not knowingly possess, handle, or transmit any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon or instrument that may create a danger to self or others, or cause a disruption of the learning environment.


In accordance with RCW 9.41.270-280, it is unlawful for a person to carry onto public or private, elementary or secondary school premises, school-provided transportation, or areas of facilities while being used exclusively by public or private schools:


a. Any firearm; or

b. Any dangerous weapon as defined in RCW 9.41.250; such as, but not limited to, sling shot, sand club, metal knuckles, or spring blade knife; or

c. Any device commonly known as "non-chu-ka sticks,” consisting of two or more lengths of wood, metal plastic or similar substance connected with wire, rope, or other means; or

d. Any device commonly known as "throwing stars,” which are multi-pointed, metal objects designed to embed upon impact from any aspect; or

e. Any air gun, including any air pistol or air rifle, designed to propel a BB, pellet, or other projectile by the discharge of compressed air, carbon dioxide, or other gas; or

f. Any knife, dagger, sword, or other cutting or stabbing instrument, or

g. Ammunition or explosive devices; or

h. Any object used in a manner to resemble a dangerous weapon


Any violation of the above subsections by students constitutes grounds for expulsion from the state's public schools in accordance with RCW 28A.600.010.  However, any violation of subsection (a) of this section by a secondary school student shall result in expulsion for not less than one year under RCW 28A.600.010 and the superintendent of the school district may modify the expulsion of a student on a case by case basis (RCW 28A.600.420).  An appropriate school authority shall promptly notify law enforcement and the student's parents or guardian regarding any allegation or indication of such violation.


5.  Extortion – obtaining money or property by violence or threat of violence or forcing someone to do something against one’s will.


6a. Harassment (sexual, bullying, intimidation, computer) - Harassment, including, but not limited to, the intimidation of another student or a staff member or any other malicious act intended to substantially harm the physical or mental health of the person(s) threatened RCW 28A.300 285


7. Theft - A student shall not steal school property or personal property.  Nor shall a student be in possession of stolen school property or stolen personal property.


8. Cheating/Plagiarism/Forgery – see policy described under Plagiarism Policy


9. Disruptive Dress - see policy described under School Attire. Students are to observe modesty, appropriateness, neatness, and cleanliness in clothing and personal appearance.  Students may express individuality in their dress and grooming, within reasonable bounds.  Students are not appropriately dressed or groomed if their appearance causes a disruptive influence either to themselves or to others while in the pursuit of the educational process, or if their appearance presents a health or safety problem.


Social or secret clubs and/or gangs are prohibited in the Ridgefield Schools.  In keeping with this policy, students shall not be permitted to wear clothing, insignia or markings that identify them as members of such organizations.

Students are not permitted to wear clothes, hats, pins, buttons, patches, other insignia, or any other article of clothing that is profane, lewd, or would cause disruption, or interference with school operation.

Students are not allowed to wear clothes, hats, pins, patches, buttons or any other article of clothing that advertises alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, and/or illegal activities


10. Disruptive Behavior – Students should not engage in willful disobedience or disruptive conduct which materially or substantially interferes with the educational process. This includes causing an incident which affects the school attendance of other students.  Students should be discouraged to use noise, coercion, threat, bullying, intimidation, disrespectful action (including gestures), passive resistance, gang activity including hand signals or any other conduct intentionally cause the substantial and material disruption or obstruction of any lawful mission, process, or function of the school.


Students shall engage in such a conduct that does not cause substantial and material disruption, or obstruction of any lawful mission, process, or function of the school, if such a disruption or obstruction is reasonably certain to result.


Students should urge other students not to engage in such conduct for the purpose of causing the substantial and material disruption nor obstruction of any lawful mission, process, or function of the school if such a disruption or obstruction is reasonably certain to result from his urging.


11.  Defiance/ Disrespect/Insubordination - Refusal to comply with reasonable instruction of school authority, including refusal to identify oneself. Not submitting to authority; disobedient; failure to follow reasonable request by school employee; failure to tell the truth.


11b. Internet Abuse – Any attempt to view inappropriate sites, information, or any violation to the network policy signed by every student at the beginning of the year, which includes but is not limited to attempting to bypass security filters set by the school district (i.e. proxies, and loop around searches) is forbidden resulting in a loss of privileges.



13.  Fighting - A student shall not intentionally cause or attempt to cause physical injury or intentionally behave in such a way as could reasonably cause physical injury to any person.


28.  Possession of Inappropriate Items – Including but not limited to candy, gum, trading cards, toys etc.


29.  Possession of Electronic Devices – Electronic items such as cd players, cameras, cell phones, etc. are not permitted at school. Such items will be confiscated and held by the principal until a parent picks it up.


15.  Possession Drugs/Alcohol/Paraphernalia

The school official in charge will immediately remove the pupil suspected of possession, selling, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on school property from contact with other pupils.  Every attempt will be made to contact the parents or legal guardian.  Law enforcement officers may be notified.


If the school official in charge cannot contact the parents or legal guardian, said official will take whatever action is deemed necessary in the interest and welfare of the pupil, e.g., calling the physician listed by the parents or calling 911.  If law enforcement officers are notified, then an attempt will be made to notify the parents or legal guardian so that they might be present at the law enforcement interview or might give their permission for an interview without their presence.


If the school official suspects the use, sale, or have hard evidence to support that suspicion, the school official may contact the parents of the pupil relative to that suspicion.  Law enforcement officers may be notified.


18.  Use/Possession Tobacco - Students are not permitted to use or possess tobacco or tobacco “look-alikes” in any form at any time in the school building, or on the school grounds.  This applies to all school sponsored activities on or off the school campus as well as during the regular school day.  Violation of this rule constitutes a serious offense and immediate disciplinary action will be taken.  The sanctions below will be applied to anyone who violates this rule or serves who serves as a “look out” or in any other way abets the use of tobacco on or about the school grounds.


19.  Vulgarity/Profanity - Racial, ethnic or religious slurs and profane, vulgar or lewd language is not allowed.


20.  Verbal Abuse


21.  Vandalism School Property - Students who damage school district or student-owned property shall be responsible for their actions.  Parents or guardians shall be liable for damages and will pay restitution.


22. Truancy/Unexcused absences - State law (RCW. 28A 225) requires students to attend school daily, unless excused for sickness, medical appointments or other family emergencies. All absences longer than one day must be excused in advance with the principal, by filling out a Long-term/Prearranged Absence form available at the front office. All absences that are not excused within two (2) days of the student’s return to school will not be excused (unless approved by principal). When a student is absent from school for three (3) or more consecutive days due to illness or health conditions, a note from you doctor or health care provider must be provided to the school or absence may be classified as unexcused. Five (5) unexcused absences will result in a meeting with the principal and counselor to enter into an attendance agreement and status of absence can not be changed.


10a. Tardiness


30.  Leaving Campus Without Permission


23.  Criminal Act – as defined by the law.


24.  Interference by force or violence with district staff member, student, or any other person - Neither shall a student singly or in concert with others, interfere by force or violence with any administrator, teacher, classified employee, person under contract with the school or school district, or student of any common school who is in peaceful discharge or conduct of his or her duties or studies.


27.  Intimidation/Threats to Staff – No student will be allowed to intimidate or threaten staff members in any fashion.





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